What's new?

  • A programming class for creative people

    This year, as a professor, I am teaching again a class named “Programming”, it’s audience is Design students as well as Communication and Media students. Since I have the chance to share this class with one of my colleague/friend, we decided to totally revamp this module. We finally came up with a plan to transform our students into makers…sort of ;-) We are trying to initiate them to this approach with a simple yet challenging project.

  • Test of the SolderDoodle for 3D printing

    I have finally received my SolderDoodle! I funded this project on Kickstarter in May 2015. It arrives finally in my mailbox, last week. You might wonder what it is? It is simply a re-organized portable soldering iron into a 3d printing finishing tool.

  • A lasercut wooden mousepad by kerf bend

    A few month back, I was researching on living hinge technics on wood for our laser cutter. I was specially looking at the use of the kerf bend and found fascinating resources, specially on instructables (1, 2). Beside, it’s obvious usage for bending wood, specially when creating boxes, I decided to use one of those pattern and simply cut it out of a 3mm piece of plywood to make a nice and unique mousepad. 15 minutes of work to prepare my file, 20 minutes of laser cutting, finally glue under it a piece of anti-slip mat and voilà! I know, I should probably add some varnish on top at some stage…

  • Experiencing Arduino MKR1000: lighting

    Today, I am looking at the new Arduino/Genuino MKR1000: a wifi enabled, LiPo battery ready, microcontroller. But before going all-IoT, I will simply test the MKR1000 with LEDs.

  • PLA filament and humidity

    As I live in Macau and for those who know the place, the humidity here is simply insane! Most of the year we are over 90% of humidity and it is not rare at all to get 99%. I must say that when I go back to Europe I am so enjoying the low level of humidity there, it really change a lot of things in your daily life.